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I have been taking 75mg/day of Avapro for 2 months. It has been effective at lowering my blood pressure to 130/80 in the morning and 120/70 in the evening. The only side effect I have noticed is some mild, occasional heart burn. I had been on Atacand for several years before; I had to stop it because of dizziness. Then I was given Lisinopril; it made me cough and destroyed all sexual interest. I much prefer Avapro, it is more effective than the others and has milder side effects - for me.
- Charles Kilgore, Hamilton, OH

I take Avapro daily and it helps the kidney to work better and keep the blood pressure down. I'll probably stay on this medicine.
- Frances Plunkett, Fort Wayne, IN

I have been on Avapro 150mgs for about 8 years and I love it. My blood pressure is always good and usually 110/72 so it works. I was on calcium channel blockers before and they did not control my hypertension. From day 1 Avapro worked with no side effects. I have recommended to others who had problems and when their Doctor switched them to Avapro, and their blood pressure is now controlled. I love this.
- Terry Sutphin, Detroit, MI