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10 mL of Brand Humalog 100 U/mL

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Active Ingredient(s):Insulin Lispro
Manufacturer:Eli Lilly Inc.
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I have had diabetes for three years and I was not able to control it much, had been on Lantus and Humulin. Unfortunately my sugar readings were too high. It's been a month now since am on Humalog and my readings have never been better. Am so glad my doctor put me on Humalog, it really works.
- Andrew Mitchell, Patterson, CA

I've been using Humalog in my insulin pump for over 10 years. Humalog works well as a basal insulin as well as bolus for highs that may occur due to a variety of circumstances. I've found it very easy to adjust my blood glucose levels using Humalog.
- Sally Dunbar, Kansas City, MO

Good for treating post-meal blood sugar spikes.
- Sandra Smith, Philadelphia, PA