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  Excellent staff and very professional.
R. Levey (verified customer) on Aug 04, 2017

  The entire process of ordering is simple.
T. Papanek (verified customer) on Aug 01, 2017

  Very helpful, great price, fast delivery
P. Bunch (verified customer) on Jul 19, 2017

  very good... went smoothly Your quick star rating isn't obvious.. and I want to give all 5 very positive stars.
R. Steinman (verified customer) on Jul 13, 2017

  Prompt reorder is excellent. Payment by check is inconvenient but I guess necessary?
R. Haney (verified customer) on Jul 08, 2017

  Always prompt service. The only problem is that they do not accept credit cards, so the order is delayed two or three days awaiting my check. Otherwise, I've been ordering for two or three years and have been very satisfied.
D. Harned (verified customer) on Jul 02, 2017

  Good company that responds quickly.
R. Hatfield (verified customer) on Jul 02, 2017

  Easy to order over phone.. once placed takes about two weeks for delivery
A. Gustafson (verified customer) on Jun 16, 2017

  I am very Thankful for Buck A Day. I have used your service for many years and have told many about you. Thanks for being there. You sure do a Great Job.
J. Gilbert (verified customer) on Jun 14, 2017

  Friendly personel, they send reminders and the order arrives quickly after shipment! I can't find insulin any cheeper in the country!
C. Holderman (verified customer) on Jun 13, 2017

  Very friendly, professional staff and filled my order in a timely manner.
H. Jasper (pet) (verified customer) on May 31, 2017

  Wonderful staff and very knowledgeable. I have dealt with Buck A Day Pharmacy for over 3 years and have found them to be very reliable.
R. Laporte (verified customer) on May 24, 2017

  I was late in ordering and the representative that helped me was very kind and helpful. I think I got the order in about 2 weeks after sending check. Couldn't ask for anything more.
R. Madson (verified customer) on May 18, 2017

  Efficient, surprisingly quick delivery, accurate, pleasant to work with.
V. Carpenter (verified customer) on May 17, 2017

  Easy to order--great price.
C. Curry (verified customer) on May 16, 2017

  I have saved a great deal of money thanks to Buck A Day. Due to the price as well as the reminders from the efficient staff.
G. Hjertaas (verified customer) on May 13, 2017

  Very good.
J. Oller (verified customer) on May 09, 2017

  easy - lowest price - good communication
K. Himes (verified customer) on Apr 29, 2017

  I usually order by phone,the tech is always friendly and competent
M. Roberts (verified customer) on Apr 28, 2017

  Good online help.
C. Curry (verified customer) on Apr 28, 2017

  Always a good experience, and your service rep, Sherry, is a delight with whom to work.
W. Holt (verified customer) on Apr 25, 2017

  Always helpful, been your client a long time!
C. French (verified customer) on Apr 19, 2017

  Easy, fast way to save on medicine.
P. Whitman (verified customer) on Apr 18, 2017

  the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. they are ready to help they follow up and remember you order to order
G. Parsley (verified customer) on Apr 18, 2017


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